Good reads . . .

Reading the written word shows a certain level of intelligence that not all possess. Here you can find some of my favs. Feel free to comment suggestions.

  1. AJ Aalto – Snarky phrase turner with a head for the macabre.  Start with Touched and dive head first into the mindset of one crazy, but endearing, bad mouthed ‘day-sitter’.
  2. Catherine Coulter – Smart, sexy engaging story telling that spans centuries.  One of my favorite all time historical romance writers that includes one of my first and all time fav books; Devils Embrace.
  3. Kathi Daley – Sweet, Alpine beauty who weaves a mean cozy read.  Stubborn, emotional, reactive Zoe Donovan (Halloween Hijinks Book 1) will endear you with her love of all things mysterious and cozy, plus it never hurts to have a super rich, super smart and super sexy boyfriend/husband/co-detective and rescuer.
  4. Jude Deveraux – My first romance writer, my first and absolute favorite historical romance writer.  I will forever be endeared by my first introduction to history come alive in ‘A Knight in Shining Armor’.
  5. Nora Roberts – Probably one of the most single prolific writers of our time in Romance, Modern Day Romance, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance and Mystery Romance.  But let’s not kid ourselves, we also know her under several other pseudonyms.
  6. JK Rowling – ’nuff said.  (Harry Potter)
  7. L.L. Muir – Highlander romance done like no other.  Emmerse yourself in the rich hues of Scotland via the adventures of time traveling witches or love sick characters willing to sacrifice everything for their one true love.  Start with the series, ‘The Ghosts of Culloden Moor‘ then be sure to find time for my favorite series thus far, ‘The Curse of Clan Ross. Fall in love with Quinn, James, Flanders and Wickham.
  8. Katherine Lowry Logan – There are currently 8 time travel books in her ‘Brooch’ series and I’m still not sure I have an absolute favorite couple or story.  I do know they are all so wonderfully intertwined and worth the investment right from the start of book 1, The Ruby Brooch.
  9. Annabelle Chase & Lily Harper Hart – Cozy paranormal mysteries that are well written, thought out and fun to read!


I will try to update this as I go along.  It is so hard finding time to not only indulge my inner bibliophage, but to churn out my own stories.  Sometimes the characters seep out, light and airy and at other times characters claw, scratch, rip and shred their way to the written page.  At any rate, I hope you enjoy some of my fav authors as much as I do.

kat devine


I didn’t have a need for an outside of our Venue Caterer, but in my profession I run across some all the time.  I am listing them here and will update with reviews as I get a chance to use them.

This one has a fantastic website and I hope to work with them soon for a corporate event.

The Chef Next Door

Along those same catering lines is the above’s partnering website and information.  I’m really excited to possibly work with any of these ladies.

The Market Place Cafe


More to come . . .


~ Kat Devine


Updates . . .

If I survive this semester – what should be my final semester of college – it will be a small miracle.  I have to wonder if I’m focused on the negatives or if the stress of work and school are overwhelming me, but the bottom line is I am having the absolute worst time focusing – period.

On the upside of things, I have managed to pull ahead in the regular course work and Case Study for my Business Policy class.  I wrote and submitted the case study two months in advance and got a 100 on it, so yay me!  One paper down and three to go.  I have completed all of the research for my Seminar in Business class.  (This class is only worth 2 credit hours and only requires this 1 research paper.) But still it’s a required class to graduate and a paper is still a paper.

I think I have finally managed to understand the Business Simulator (CapSim) for the Business Policy class.  I feel terrible for my team mate because I was so far behind the curve ball of understanding that I think our team is in dead last place.  The good news is that she is fantastically nice and willing to shoulder at least 50% of the work as I am, so I believe we make a good team.  It’s not easy being CEO of your own company and playing in multi-millions, responsible for hundreds of employees’ lives and shareholders profits.  So far my take away is to have a strategy and stick with it.

The advanced research class is the one that is killing me.  70+ pages of content is not easy.  The research is done.  The reference page is complete.  The Abstract and Thesis statements are complete.  It’s the background, problem and supporting material that I am having so much trouble diving into.  And it’s NOT like the subject is all that sexy either; Negotiation Strategy and The Role of Attitude. (Blech!) pfooey!

That leaves the Management of Change class – and this class has the most required regular work plus a term paper.  The good news is, that paper is finished also and uploaded, but this teacher is incredibly  . . . hard to please with papers and tore my first paper to shreds (which in all honesty as I’m used to getting 100’s kind of tore me up).  She called my findings “arbitrary” and I’m like – how ‘arbitrary’ can expounding on a researched subject can it be? Sheesh.  Whatever – I got a B on it. Who cares. LOL . . . When did getting a “B” become failing?

Oh lord, have I become an Asian Tiger Mom to myself?! – Probably. LOL!

Thanks to the water leak at the house and the VERY mild winter and now saturated Spring my Eczema is worse than it has EVER been in my entire life!  Embarrassingly so!  I have these red, inflamed, itchy patches of skin on both legs now and the tops of my hands!  I’ve had to wrangle away a little time to head back into the gym to tan in hopes that the exposure to the UV light will help it again.  The upswing on THAT is that I feel so good after tanning that I have been working out.  The bad news is – it takes precious time away from my shiny new hubby.

Speaking of shiny, new hubby’s – mine isn’t perfect, but he is very sweet and thoughtful.  I can honestly say that no one in my entire life has ever been so keenly aware of  . . . ME!  And isn’t THAT interesting?  Being an inherent people pleaser, I am always acutely aware of others.  I try very hard to head things off at the pass because I’m blessed with being naturally observant, so when someone is actually that way to me, for me – it’s a little . . . disconcerting.

Don’t get me wrong!  I LOVE that there is someone out there that loves me so much that they can discern the subtleties of me; the nuances that comprise my mood, personality and attitude.

It’s really refreshing.  Thus one of many reasons why I love him.

I guess that’s all I’ve got here.  It’s time for another cup of coffee and more work.

Here’s hoping you have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.  Keep fighting the good fight, be the best YOU, you can be, hug your loved ones and never stop assessing your ‘Lesson’s Learned.’

~ Kat Devine  

My other blog is much more fun . .

Yep, that’s right – there is more than one out there.  Seek and ye shall find.  It’s as juicy as this book I’ve been writing for the past two years.

Let me know when you find it and what you think . . .

Oh wait – never mind.

I’ll know – I always do. 😉