When it rains it pours . . .

Last Wednesday I decided to face plant head first onto concrete. No, I didn’t have too much alcohol. No, I wasn’t shoved, robbed or mugged. There is no sexy story to go along with my face plant – in a way I wish there was.

This is a very expensive lesson learned in taking care of oneself. With work and school and wedding, and in my attempt to NOT neglect these things, nor my friends, family and fur babies – I managed to neglect myself. After many rounds of tests in the ER Wednesday night and scaring the living daylights out of my fiancee, friends and family – the determination was I was the perfect storm of imminent collapse.

Bottomed out iron, potassium, blood sugar and BOOM! You fall down . . . face first . . . sometimes on concrete.

IMG_0804 IMG_0802 IMG_0806IMG_0808 IMG_0811

So this goes to show that we really do have to take care of ourselves FIRST, before taking care of others – so that we can take care of them.  It’s kind of like when you fly on an airplane and they give that little speech about the oxygen mask and putting it on yourself and then your child or other person.

So I learned a few things.

First off – concrete is VERY hard.  Yes, I know it’s hard to imagine, but so is my head apparently.  I also learned that you bleed, ALOT when there is a head wound. ALOT! But to keep it in perspective NOT as much as a gunshot as the ER told me, but still for me – it was ALOT!

Second – thank god I didn’t lose any teeth or break my nose!  [Hello two weeks before my wedding – so it could have been worse.]

Thirdly – Madison Hospital is super, duper swanky and the food is really good.  All of my Dr’s and nurses were top notch, friendly and very thoughtful.  Some went above and beyond, which we all know some nurses do anyway.  It’s a thankless calling and I’m VERY grateful for them.  [Not biased or anything here – just because my sissy do da is a nurse!]

And last but not least, I learned to slow the bleep down.  I’m only one person.  I have lots of great help.

I’m fine.

I will live, much to the dismay of some. LOL.  You all know you love me, even though I’m a pain in the ass. Hee hee.

So, take care of yourselves out there.  It just isn’t worth it.  Take your vitamins, drink your water, eat your proteins and wiggle your booty in the sun now and again.

Later haters.




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