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Whether you are giving yourself a year in advance to plan your wedding, or have handed all of that responsibility over to a wedding planner, here are some local to Huntsville, AL ideas for wedding venues.  (Through my own naive fault, I only gave myself 6 months in which to plan my wedding and venues dictate the date.  What I learned was that in order to have the least amount of wedding related stress that can amplify regular everyday stress, the planner (and Bride & Groom) must remain FLEXIBLE at all times.)

My biggest frustration in this whole process and probably one of the biggest contributors to mine and EVERY brides stress levels, is the lack of a sense of urgency in response times from all vendors.  E-mails I sent over a month ago trying to obtain venue information – just simple availability and cost structure, are just now garnering responses.  (That is wholly and completely unprofessional!  Same with Bands, Photographers, Caterers etc . . . If you are a VENDOR and your preferred method of contact is via e-mail – then YOU need to respond within 24 hours of inquiry – end of story!)

To take it a step further I believe all vendors should have their own individual website, where they publish all of the cost packages AND keep an up to date calendar of availability.  It would save planners time and resources in trying to determine if the vendor is within their budget.

**NOTE** Out of all the vendors I have contacted – Photographers seem to be the MOST organized and efficient.  Most actually DO publish their cost structure right on their websites and THAT is a big help! So thank you Photographers, although some of you are incredibly PRICEY – I appreciate your foresight and organization!**


The Summit over looking Big Spring Park  This venue is stunningly beautiful, but beauty costs.  As of Spring 2015 this venue runs about $2500 and is booked well in advance.

 The Clubs of Redstone  There are at least three venues on base at Redstone Arsenal.  Finding information about them is NOT easy, but the link I have provided should get you what you need.  They at least provide information, brochure and specific cost.  The three venues are; The Summit, The OverLook, and The Cliffs.  All three have their own personal charm, but here is my take on each of them.

The Summit is located up the hill on the left across from the Golf Course.  It has old world charm, a slight musty smell, but can hold a LARGE party – if you don’t want any natural light.  The back of this venue is very pretty for a smaller wedding and/or reception with it’s Glass enclosed small solarium.

The Cliffs is quite a little drive out toward the river.  Once there, it is rustic, quaint and beautiful with the river in the background.  Personally I didn’t care for the LONG drive there and back and didn’t think my guests would appreciate that either.

The OverLook is the new venue built just down from the Summit, overlooking some parts of the Golf Course.  It can seat up to 144 guests without a dance floor and 120 with a dance floor.  The pricing is more than reasonable and the look and feel of it is very inviting.  There is a LARGE covered patio area outside overlooking the Golf Course.  Inside there is a huge stone fire place and a small alcove for the bar set up.  This venue is very functional.  The dislikes where this is concerned are that the chairs provided are atrociously hideous, the staff is aware and there suggestion is to either rent or purchase seat covers.  IMHO it would behoove the MWR to provide some basic chair covers in white or black with a small rental expense attached to the venue rental.

The Early Works Family of Venues which includes the beautiful RoundHouse Train depot venue, perfect for wedding receptions, dances, proms etc . . .

The Wedding Chapel is one of the most beautiful venues in Huntsville AL for a Bride & Groom with a tight budget. It boasts just enough room and exudes even more charm to host a small wedding reception for the couple who would NOT appreciate alcohol at their wedding.  It is absolutely perfect under THOSE conditions!  It will hold approximately 100 guests and they do lovely reasonable packages to accomodate the most discerning couple on a budget.

Burrit on the Mountain is another rustic type venue.  It is booked out at least a year in advance, but doesn’t mean you can’t get lucky for your date.  If you time your “I do’s” to coincide with sunset it can really make for a lasting and memorable moment for you and your guests.  Check out this beautiful wedding that took place at Burrit with a reception at the Round House.

There is a beautiful 1910 mansion situated in the historic part of Athens that looks to be an amazing wedding venue.  Madelyn’s In The Grove boasts huge oak trees and the feeling of time travel as you take a step back upon entering their grand foyer.

If you don’t mind driving to Meridianville, AL – there is a beautiful venue there that might set you back a little in budget, but could be worth it.  Annabella at Cedar Glen is run by the Archambault’s, a couple who purchased the mansion and work hard to make your southern dream wedding a reality.

There are many more beautiful venues in and around the Huntsville, AL area – the best place to look is by googling the following; “wedding venues in Huntsville, AL”.

Best of luck to you my fellow brides and planners.  If I run across another fabulous site I will be sure to up date this list.

Hope this helps!


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