Honeymoon bound and determined . . .


We are less than 24 hours out from the start of our 11 day honeymoon! Woo hoo!  I have now been married for almost three full weeks! (WTH?!)  Who would have THUNK it?!  Certainly NOT this stubborn, strong, sassy and confident girl.

I used to think marriage was for ‘suckers’.  Sure I knew I might want to some day, eventually, down the road, but I was never in any hurry.  Unlike a lot of my friends who in their forties are sporting one, two and three strikes at the marriage thing.  This makes me so sad.

Today is my parents 49th wedding anniversary!

Forty-nine years together?

That’s  . . . gulp  . . . a lot of Y E A R S!!!

In all seriousness though, I always held out for that standard of marriage.  That’s what I’ve been looking for my whole life and now I’ve found it.  (Yay me!)

Congrats to all the couples out there that make it – it’s definitely not easy or for the weak of heart.

Subject change – They are calling for rain everyday on our trip and you know what? I really could give a rats ass. LOL. I haven’t been on a true vacation since I was a kid with my parents.  I mean don’t get me wrong I’ve done weekends and a couple days here and there, but I haven’t taken a vacation and gone off anywhere for a WHOLE WEEK or more – ever as an adult, well except for that one time at band camp (just kidding!)!!!!

So to tell you I’m excited, is to say the least.

I’m over the moon, walking on air, singing in the shower and shooting rainbows out of my butt excited!

So wish us luck, keep an eye for pics and here’s hoping you have a wonderful next couple of weeks yourselves.  Don’t be hatin’ – it’s just my turn is all. 😉

See you on the FLIP side of October!

Honeymoon – here we come!!

Later haters,

Love, Kat

A Series of Unfortunate Events . . .

This is the turn of phrase my husband (OMG! I have a “husband”!) used while posting a sweet thank you to one of our very good friends on Facebook yesterday.  He was thanking her because without her help he might not have been able to get to the wedding at all!  But let’s go back and revisit some recent ‘unfortunate events’ leading up to this particular one.

Not long after we became engaged did we find out that my husband (!) had to have back surgery – immediately.  NO problem – we get it done.  Then because I wasn’t taking good care of myself I develop low blood pressure, low iron, have a hypoglycemic episode while at dinner and wake up covered in blood outside of BJ’s Brewhouse with a huge gash in my forehead two weeks before my wedding.

Five stitches and a two and a half day stay at Madison Hospital later and my husband’s house gets burgled, follow that with the week before the wedding he twisted the wrong way and tweaked his back and we are back at the Dr’s, but it doesn’t stop there.  Two days before our wedding I grabbed his razor and cut my left ring finger so bad I couldn’t get it to stop bleeding for well over an hour and when my sister, (a nurse) saw it the next day she even said it probably could have used a stitch or two, but by then I had worked it out.

Which leads us to the day of the wedding, where my husband went to do something sweet for his son/Groomsman, and simply stepped off the curb, heard something “POP” in his left calf and can now barely walk; thus the sweet thank you to our friend for dropping everything, driving out to our house, getting him and dropping him at the venue for pictures and then running back to her house to get herself ready.  (Thank you Heather Rudeen for ‘being there’ always when we need you!)

Not once did it EVER occur to me during this entire process that I should run like hell, probably because my husband kept saying to me, right up to the minute we took our wedding vows standing at the altar, “You can still run babe.” To which I just shook my head and laughed.

Today, this morning, it does however occur to me that we have now had our fair share of bad luck and I would like to pass it along to the next in line.  I’m sorry for that and I wish you (whoever you are) all the best with it, but I’m really kind of done and over these unfortunate events.

Despite all of THAT – we had one hell of a rocking, good wedding.

Momzilla and Sarah (the wedding coordinator) freaking broke their backs and necks getting that venue decorated and everything in order.  It wasn’t glitch free by any means, but no one but us would EVER have known that, thus why I can tell you now.

Everything that could possibly go wrong did and the ONLY reason I didn’t flip shit and turn into a maniacal BRIDEZILLA is because of attitude.  I CHOSE to have a good attitude.

Starting with the rehearsal at the venue, when our officiant didn’t have the script completed and it took us way too long to get through even one run through, much less two, I just rolled with it.

When I woke up and found it to be raining, checked the forecast for the whole day and saw we had a 30% chance of rain, I just sighed and repeated to myself what everyone else has said, ‘Rain is good luck on your wedding day!’

When I found myself all alone, driving to the hair dresser and a little sad because everyone was too busy to be with me and I wanted to share my experiences with someone – like my MOH or BM, I just cried a little, got it out of my system and moved on.

When I found myself being reprimanded for ‘being late’ to the hair dresser and makeup artist, even though my text appointment from the salon said 9:15 NOT 9:00, I just shrugged my shoulders and walked in at 9:16.

When I was being coiffed and the other hair stylist was having a snit fit because my bridesmaid wasn’t there for him to do because the time line got screwed up, and it wasn’t communicated to us, I just tried to problem solve it and keep him from having a hissy fit and her from being upset and crashing her car in the rain.

When my sister was told that because the time line was jacked that she wouldn’t get any professional makeup, we just nodded and said ‘ok’.  I then told her it will be fun for me to do her makeup, so we did. Plus it meant she got to hang with me and I got some awesome company to share this experience with – win/win!

When my sister was asked to pay for her hair when our understanding was they were going to bill my Mom for that – she just paid for hers, SB’s, and the little girls and we moved on.

When I got the phone call from my husband that he had stepped off the curb and heard something “pop” in his leg and could barely walk – ok I’m not going to lie here, I did freak out a little, but he assured me come hell or high-water he would show up.  (Thanks to Heather, he did.)

When the photography time line got so jacked because nobody was ready on time and my father couldn’t be found anywhere and then we found out he couldn’t get on base because he forgot his ID – I just started drinking.

The photographer (Sharon Palmer of Southern Cotton Photography and her super sweet and really handsome bf Chad McFalls) were absolute god sends.  Her calm, smiling demeanor kept us still able to get shots outside despite the rain, and her flexibility on the time line kept my bitch switch from flipping. I will be ever so grateful to her for unconsciously ‘handling’ me very well.

So the list goes on and I will try to recap here by memory as best I can – Drew could barely walk so getting him from point A to point B to exchange our gifts to each other without him seeing me, blind folded was NOT fun. The officiant (whom I adore) was not on his game and snafu’d things a number of times to the point where it became just comical.  He used a cell phone inside a bible and at one point it died and – yeah, we stood there.  The band didn’t know about playing ‘Ava Maria’, the guests weren’t told when they could be seated so they stood longer than they should have, we think a big chunk of our I do’s were skipped and a lot more people showed up than the RSVP’s we received.  I think at last count we had in excess of 80 people.

All in all, despite all and any of that – we had THE most beautiful wedding you could possibly imagine.  Every element of it was absolute perfection for us.  And if you don’t believe me, just check out all the pictures and eventually the video of my entrance.

Oh did I mention the entrance?

My Groom thought at about a week out that he was being funny when we were asked if I would come out to ‘Here Comes The Bride’ or “Cannon in D’, when he suggested I come out to Darth Vader’s ‘Imperial March’ to which I thought was genius and I ran with it.  So there you have it, I entered the ceremony on the Imperial March until I choked that tune out and then walked down to ‘Cannon in D.’

It was surreal.

It was stunning.

It was bigger, better, and more perfect than my imagination could have EVER conjured and it was completely US!

That’s all I got here folks.

Raise your hand if you are next in line for this streak of strange luck.

Catch you on the flip side.


Lots of love,

Kat Devine


When it rains it pours . . .

Last Wednesday I decided to face plant head first onto concrete. No, I didn’t have too much alcohol. No, I wasn’t shoved, robbed or mugged. There is no sexy story to go along with my face plant – in a way I wish there was.

This is a very expensive lesson learned in taking care of oneself. With work and school and wedding, and in my attempt to NOT neglect these things, nor my friends, family and fur babies – I managed to neglect myself. After many rounds of tests in the ER Wednesday night and scaring the living daylights out of my fiancee, friends and family – the determination was I was the perfect storm of imminent collapse.

Bottomed out iron, potassium, blood sugar and BOOM! You fall down . . . face first . . . sometimes on concrete.

IMG_0804 IMG_0802 IMG_0806IMG_0808 IMG_0811

So this goes to show that we really do have to take care of ourselves FIRST, before taking care of others – so that we can take care of them.  It’s kind of like when you fly on an airplane and they give that little speech about the oxygen mask and putting it on yourself and then your child or other person.

So I learned a few things.

First off – concrete is VERY hard.  Yes, I know it’s hard to imagine, but so is my head apparently.  I also learned that you bleed, ALOT when there is a head wound. ALOT! But to keep it in perspective NOT as much as a gunshot as the ER told me, but still for me – it was ALOT!

Second – thank god I didn’t lose any teeth or break my nose!  [Hello two weeks before my wedding – so it could have been worse.]

Thirdly – Madison Hospital is super, duper swanky and the food is really good.  All of my Dr’s and nurses were top notch, friendly and very thoughtful.  Some went above and beyond, which we all know some nurses do anyway.  It’s a thankless calling and I’m VERY grateful for them.  [Not biased or anything here – just because my sissy do da is a nurse!]

And last but not least, I learned to slow the bleep down.  I’m only one person.  I have lots of great help.

I’m fine.

I will live, much to the dismay of some. LOL.  You all know you love me, even though I’m a pain in the ass. Hee hee.

So, take care of yourselves out there.  It just isn’t worth it.  Take your vitamins, drink your water, eat your proteins and wiggle your booty in the sun now and again.

Later haters.




Beautiful Weddings, Bridal Showers and Cakes – Oh my!

In my pursuit to plan my wedding I ran across alot of beautiful weddings that weren’t just photographed beautifully, but were flat out beautiful.  There is literally a wedding for every type of couple.  I’ve compiled some of my favorites here.

For the discerning nerd, this article by the Huffington Post highlights some, as they say “adorkable” trends.

Star Wars Light Saber Fight

Photo Credit: Salt & Pine Photography

I couldn’t find the website for the wedding below, but let me tell you all the ways in which I LOVE their theme!  From the design of the BM dresses matching the back of the brides dress, to the coordinating shoes with bouquets and GM’s ties!  It’s a wonderful mix of rustic meets colorful whimsy and they ROCK it!

Brown and colors wedding

And what could be more fun than a Bridal Shower inspired by Tiffany’s?!  Since the days before I got my Tiffany’s bracelet years ago I have ALWAYS loved them.  When my good friend Alessandra flew me to DC for my birthday a few years back, she introduced me to all the lovely places to shop (Macy’s, Tiffany’s, Nordstrom’s and Bloomy’s) and I fell in LOVE with a pair of sunglasses at Tiffany’s that I just had to have!  They were beautiful!

Check out the bridal shower here!

If class and elegance are what you strive for at your wedding, then take a gander at this Atlanta wedding at AislePerfect.  Could there be a more beautiful bride?

Nerdy On The Inside This cake exemplifies everything fun and dorky about Drew and I.  I love the creative license the cake designer took by basically putting all the elements one on top of the other!  Too cute!

The website WhenGeeksWed is a fount of info for the nerdy at heart.  Check out this Harry Potter themed wedding!

Sorting Hat


Fat, Dumb and Happy

When we bought my wedding dress several months ago – it fit like a glove.  It was just a miraculously perfect fit.  Like all other brides, I’ve been scared to death that I’ve put on weight since its purchase, so I combat this by going to the gym as often as I can, but I still worry.

I was feeling really good about the whole gym thing recently so I decided to try on my wedding dress this past Saturday night.  My silent expectation was that it would be so loose that it would need to be altered A LOT and not just in the chest area as we expected (it’s slightly too big there).


The damn thing still fit like a glove – albeit a less tight glove, but a glove none the less.

So why am I disappointed?

I will tell you why!  I’ve been busting my booty at the gym religiously for weeks and although I have noticed my endurance is better and I’ve lost weight – I’ve apparently also been building muscle, which is a great thing, but still . . . *sigh*

Another positive is that it won’t cost as much to have to ONLY alter the bust portion, right?  If it were super loose and had to be altered greatly in the bodice and waist, which would possibly cost a lot. Can you tell I’m really trying to be POSITIVE?

Still.  I know it’s petulant of me, but I really did want one of those, “Holy cow!” moments where I slipped on this beautiful piece of dress art and was ecstatic at how loose it was, but alas, no such luck for me at this stage.  Blame it on the freshman twenty, but we are truly fat, dumb and happy right now and excited about our new life together.