The Rings



Kat_wed_set   Drews_Ring

Despite it being the first week of Fall semester at school and being the consummate procrastinator as I am and not getting my assignments all complete – we managed to make time today to procure the wedding attire for the Groom and his attendants.  And if that wasn’t enough to make us feel good about checking things off our list – we managed to find, pick out and pay for our wedding rings!

And believe you me – that wasn’t and ‘easy’ fete. [Nor cheap!]  LOL!  I guess my (as Drew puts it) “diva” tastes are rubbing off on him, because we had THE absolute hardest time trying to find wedding rings that we liked for ourselves and for each other.  Again, thank god for Drew’s smart preparedness because in my repeated naiveté and procrastination thought we could just roll up, find what we liked, buy it and bring it home THAT day.


My ring had to be sized, *sigh* . . .since I have freakishly teeny tiny fingers and Drew’s ring had to be ordered because of the materials, design and size.  So, I will get mine in a week or so and we ‘might’ get Drew’s ring back the week of our wedding!  (Yikes! I know we are cutting that and the BM dresses too close!)

The lovely point to all of this though is that we can now check those things off the list with happy relief.

So that is the happy part and with most happy parts, therein sometime lies a sad note and for us its the on going disappointment of not having my two beautiful god-daughters as my flower girls in my wedding. I have cried more tears at the loss of them than I care to repeat ever again in my life.  I hope they never forget us as I will never forget them.

Here are a list of local jewelers that have very pleasing options at a reasonable price.

Hobbs Jewelers

Littman Jewelers



As a side note, I found some lovely little baubles at a couple of places that I intend to purchase for myself and my girls before the wedding.  I’ve already purchased a good deal of little goodies from a variety of online stores that I found on Etsy and Pinterest.  I love finding new beautiful and interesting pieces from all over the world.  I would give nothing more than to head back to Korea just to shop for jewelry again.  This time though, I would most definitely hit up Hong Kong.

Here’s hoping you find some beautiful things for your wedding day.

~ Kat