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On Thursday September 24th the weather finally cooperated enough and the stars aligned themselves just right so that we were able in one afternoon do a dress rehearsal on hair and makeup and then take some pretty photos! (#southerncottonphotography #southerncottonbrides #sharonpalmer #weddingphotos #wedding #bridalphotos #bride)


Pre-ceremony right outside the venue entrance.  I wanted a picture of us exchanging our gifts to each other without him being able to see me.  Sounds easy right? WRONG! Not when your Groom has some sort of pulled calf muscle and can’t walk or stand very well, so it may NOT be obvious to some, but to me I can tell he’s standing VERY weird and hunched over cause of all the pain he is in.  LOL – What a wedding! I gave Drew a new watch and he gave me a beautiful bracelet. [#southerncottonphotography #southerncottonbrides #sharonpalmer #sneakpeek1 #wedding #bride #groom #TheOverlookatRSA]


My best friend, the Carolina Cake Queen, Sarahbeth Irby looks absolutely stunning in this picture that her daughter Addison took as I walked down the aisle.  She captured both SB and my Mother grinning from ear to ear.

3OCT15_Wedding Cake Montage

The Carolina Cake Queen never disappoints!  Check out my beautiful wedding cake and my husbands totally rockin’ Groom’s cake!


Jeremiah Turner of Unknown Lyric and my bestie Bridesmaid, SarahBeth Irby (the Carolina Cake Queen) posing for pictures during the party. #carolinacakequeen #unknownlyric #bff

3OCT15_Sweet Nothings

A wonderful example of what magic my photographer (Sharon Palmer) can work.  Due to the weather and running behind schedule we lost the opportunity of a sunset photo shoot right after our wedding.  Here she instructed us to face each other and for Drew to kiss my cheek – I think this is where he whispered in my ear, ‘Did you fart?’ – LOL.

3OCT15_Unknown Lyric

This is my favorite picture of me thus far.  I love my band!  We are HUGE ‘Unknown Lyric’ fans.  One of our FIRST dates took place at Concerts on the Dock at Lowe Mill here in Huntsville and it was my FIRST time hearing them play.  WE bought their album that night and I have all of their stuff from iTunes.  I consider them musical geniuses and will do whatever I can to help them get to where they need to be – musically and financially SUCCESSFUL! [#unknownlyric #weddingmusic #kevingrayson #jeremiahturner #teamdevine]

Wedding Ceremony Video #1

Wedding Ceremony Video #2

3OCT15_The Devines

What a beautiful way to show a sneak peek of my bridal shoot with a singular photo of my honey.  #southerncottonphotography #sharonpalmer #southerncottonbrides #weddingphotosthatrock #overthemoonformyphotographer

More photo’s and video’s can also be found here on Flickr