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Here is a wonderful example of the type of house we are looking for.  Both Drew and I gravitate toward the ‘Craftsman’ style of house.  We know that we want as little EXTERIOR maintenance as possible, so the best option is FULL brick.

New Picture 82229_Floor_Plan

The problem is in locating a builder we like, that will build and has building privileges in a Subdivision we like and since I used to be in this business – it’s hard for me to choke down what a builder would try to charge for using our plans and NOT their plans.  The profit level on something like this is really disgusting at times.  Neither of us wants a house on the metes and bounds (land off of a road) – we are VERY adamant about a NICE, curbed and guttered Subdivision and our preference would be somewhere just north or south of US 72, west of Madison.  We don’t mind considering Athens, we actually prefer the area, but we have to be cognizant of our work commutes.  😦  Otherwise, we would have already purchased the first house we fell in love with, like the one below.

The house below is a beautiful example of what we are looking to buy.  It is located at 17289 Obsidian Circle, Athens, AL 35613 and can be viewed here 17289 Obsidian Circle

Craftsman on Obsidian in Athens









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